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What Price Are You Paying for Your Secrets

As a topic expert, I submit writing to Here’s a brief summary and link to my most recent article regarding releasing the secret nature of traumatic memories if these memories are causing distress in your day-to-day life.

Everyone has secrets hidden away, often out of embarrassment or shame. Secrets can come at a great cost, however. Liberation and healing can happen in therapy.


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Why Should You Seek a Consultation or Assessment from an Addiction Expert Before Entering Treatment for Your Alcohol or Drug Addiction?

Most families attempting to help a loved one who is suffering from alcohol or drug abuse get into treatment for the first time are typically ill-informed of to the levels of care and the resources that are available. Not all individuals fall in the same category in terms of severity. Abuse and addiction fall on a spectrum from mild to severe. Based on where you fall on this spectrum, will determine how much treatment and the level of care is most appropriate for you. Here are just a few benefits of an initial consultation and/or assessment:

The benefits of having an initial consultation include:

  1. Getting accurate information regarding the differences in the levels of care that are available, will lead you and your loved one to choose the most appropriate treatment program.
  2. There are a variety of treatment programs out there to serve the unique circumstances that each person faces. With a consultation, you can understand which programs are right for you or your loved one. Decisions can be based on preferences, history, and the amount of treatment needed.
  3. A consultation will also help you allocate your resources appropriately due to the fact that rehab can get increasingly expensive for 30 days of treatment. Most families should recognize that addiction requires long-term ongoing care for most individuals, even after leaving a formal program. If this is the case with you or your loved one, it’s important to plan before beginning a formal program.

The benefits of an initial assessment include:

  1. An assessment will help determine where you or your loved one falls on the spectrum with alcohol or substance abuse. The history gathered helps determine what treatment options will best address the addiction problems that currently exist.
  2. Recommendations are made based on this assessment and an individualized treatment plan is created. Not all individuals necessarily need a rehab stay or program. Finding the least restrictive environment in which you or your loved one can heal is determined by an initial assessment.
  3. The assessment also determines other co-occurring problems that may be exacerbating the drug or alcohol abuse, such as depression, anxiety, trauma, panic attacks, etc. Which could affect the program you choose. 
  4. Follow-up care can be recommended or set up if you or your loved one decides to enter a formal treatment program. Most individuals with substance abuse issues will need long-term follow-up care to help maintain sobriety goals.

My hope in you reading this post is that whatever resources you may have for treatment get allocated in the best way possible to help you or your loved one get the most out of treatment.  Attaining the right information regarding your program options as you initially enter treatment can affect the amount of assistance and help you have on your road to recovery. The more support you have, the better your chances at recovering and attaining long-term sobriety! Oceanside Psychology Clinic provides comprehensive consultation and assessment services to help guide families through this process.  Read more under our services section.

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