Counseling Services in Redondo Beach, CA

Dr. Natha provides a range of counseling services in Redondo Beach and surrounding areas of Hermosa Beach, Manhattan Beach, and Palos Verdes including individual therapy, couples counseling, family therapy, and group therapy for a variety of life stressors and mental health concerns. Our soothing beach setting in Redondo Beach provides the perfect environment for healing as well. Some specialty areas include depression, substance abuse, and trauma experiences. Dr. Natha also makes available brief consultations for those situations that do not require on-going therapy or counseling. Professional consultations are also available for those individuals or industries that need information on mental health wellbeing or addiction issues. We look forward to serving the community and spreading awareness through education and therapy. Providing a positive and compassionate therapy experience is our main goal in order to break barriers to mental health care for those approaching therapy for the first time.

Taking the first step and beginning counseling is a sign of true strength for facing the struggles that may be causing emotional distress in your life. Dr. Natha feels privileged to be a part of your therapeutic journey toward healing the self.

Couples Therapy

Couples whether married or dating can utilize couples therapy for a variety of reasons.  At…

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Group Therapy

Group therapy is a great way to decrease isolation and begin to gain insights from…

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Addiction Services

Specialized therapy services are provided for individuals seeking help with substance abuse and chemical dependency…

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Online Counseling

Online therapy is referred to as telepsychology or e-therapy under the branch of telehealth. Online…

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