Addiction Services

Specialized therapy services are provided for individuals seeking help with substance abuse and chemical dependency concerns. If you are concerned with your level of drinking or want to stop your dependency to drugs, taking the first step can be difficult. Starting your recovery is a brave step, and getting the right care and assistance is crucial. Our practice offers both group and individual therapy treatment options that utilize evidenced based strategies such as cognitive behavioral therapies and skills training to give you the highest standard of care. We pride ourselves in culturally sensitive treatment for people of all backgrounds and beliefs. Our therapy services take a non-12 step approach to treating addiction utilizing researched psychological techniques.  We believe each person is capable of managing his or her addiction long-term with the right support, education, therapies, and medical care.

Whether this is your first step towards recovery work or not, we will work by your side to create an individualized treatment plan based on your goals, history, and current level of concern. Managing your addiction means having long-term aftercare services that can fit into your everyday life once completing a residential or IOP program. Our clinic strives to provide our clients with the aftercare services needed to stay on track by building on their existing success or recovery.  We will consult with the rest of your treatment team and make the appropriate recommendations needed to be sure your recovery needs are met at different stages of your care.


Relapses can be common within recovery and we see this as part of the process in achieving your sobriety. For individuals who are struggling with urges due to addiction, relapse prevention therapy can help individuals work on attaining more sobriety over time. The practice utilizes CBT and smart recovery techniques with the goal of helping the individual increase their level of sobriety. Smart Recovery is based on scientifically validated treatments and approaches that help individuals with urges, learn skills, and navigate thoughts & feelings that lead to relapse.  The therapist works one-on-one to be sure you are understanding concepts and learning the skills needed to help manage your recovery. You also actively work on managing your current triggers in a safe way.

For individuals struggling to control their drug or alcohol problems or those who have began the sobriety process, relapse prevention therapy can be beneficial as either a starting point to beginning your recovery process or as follow-up care once an individual has completed a residential program or an intensive outpatient program (IOP). Oceanside Psychology Clinic understands the importance of the aftercare process related to recovery and will work closely with your program, sober living, or medical doctor.