Cognitive Behavioral Therapy


The main theoretical orientation utilized within our practice is cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT). This form of therapy has received wide acceptance by the mental health community due to the scientifically validated nature of the treatment process for anxiety, depression, addiction, and many other concerns. The premise of CBT is that our thoughts, behaviors, and emotions are all connected and have a relationship with one another. Understanding the relationship between these three elements can help alleviate symptoms of different mental health concerns.

CBT focuses on helping the client become effective in learning ways to manage their own symptoms through teaching concrete skills as well as uncovering existing “schemas” that have developed through different early experiences that may be contributing to current difficulties you are facing. The therapist typically takes an active approach and works alongside the client to help achieve specific goals in treatment. Helping you recognize and get to the root causes and connections of any destructive patterns that exist can help reduce any distorted perceptions that may be exacerbating the level of depression, anxiety, anger, hopelessness, or other feelings you may be experiencing. Depending on your individual concerns, we provide more intensive work that goes into different parts of your life and/or more skill oriented therapy if management is your primary goal. The practice integrates other approaches as necessary depending on your individual concerns.