Couples Therapy

Couples, whether married or dating can utilize couples therapy for a variety of reasons.  At times it can be to resolve specific conflicts and other times it can be used to enhance a couples existing relationship.

A large part of a person’s quality of life comes from the joy that arises from the relationship with their significant other. When the joy becomes difficult to find within your relationship, this might be an indicator that it’s time to work on your marriage or relationship. A marriage or a significant relationship is a journey together, which at times can become difficult due to the demands of life or partners evolving within the relationship. Waiting for the problems to get better or disappear over time almost never works. Recognizing to one another that somewhere along the way, the relationship drifted off path can be the first step toward beginning the process to heal a relationship. Couples therapy can be utilized to help couples regain their connection to one another or determine which direction to head. At other times, couples therapy is as a way to maintain the current quality of their relationship over time. Whatever your goals are, we can be here to assist on that journey.