Trauma or PTSD Therapy

Trauma therapy is aimed to specifically help individuals reduce, cope with, or address the symptoms that generally arise from someone experiencing a threat to their own safety (death, violence, sexual violence, etc.) or when witnessing an incident.  If you are experiencing nightmares, flashbacks, increased arousal and stress, and avoidance of anything that serves as a reminder of a traumatic experience you may be in need of therapy specific to trauma to help address these symptoms.  Other co-occurring issues can include increased alcohol or drug use, depression, panic attacks, or increased state of anxiety.  The practice provides prolonged exposure therapy and cognitive processing therapy to help individuals overcome traumatic experiences.

Trauma can further complicate any addiction issues as well.  Many times, the alcohol or drugs serve as a coping mechanism for these symptoms.  Working on resolving trauma symptoms can enhance your recovery from alcohol and drugs in an immense way.  Trauma therapy aims at reducing the symptoms of trauma over time by having the individual finally face the traumatic incident and also provides healthy coping tools while the symptoms do exist.